How The Other Half Loves

6th - 9th April 2022
Ballard School

story by:

Alan Ayckbourn

directed by:

Claire Nicholson

What's it about?

This farce follows the consequences of an adulterous affair between a married man and his boss’s wife and their attempts to cover their tracks by roping in a third couple to be their alibi, resulting in a chain of misunderstandings, conflicts and revelations.

Want to get involved?

AUDITIONS – November 29th 2021 at Ballard School Performing Arts Centre, New Milton at 7.30 pm

Rehearsals start in January 2022, on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm.

There are three couples in this play, the men all working for the same firm. One of the younger men is having an affair with the wife of the oldest, and when each returns home suspiciously late one night or early one morning they invent a story about having to spend some time smoothing domestic matters in the home of the third couple. Both living rooms are shown in the single set, and both share a common dining room which takes on a character of its own as it serves two dinners simultaneously on two different nights. Of course, the third couple have to show up to put the fat in the fire, but that complication only adds to the fun of this famous farce.

Cast: 3 Male and 3 Female
Fiona Foster: Married to Frank Foster. Having an affair with Bob Phillips, her husband’s employee. Totally bored with her life and sees Bob Phillips as a fun distraction. Probably not the first time she’s had a fling with someone below her class. Self-assured. (Upper middle class, late 40’s/early 50’s)

Frank Foster: Married to Fiona Foster. Traditional, little bit stuffy. Owns his own company which employs both Bob Phillips and William Featherstone. Often gets the wrong end of the stick – a “thoroughly nice chap” (Upper middle class – needs to look same age if not older than Fiona)

Teresa Phillips: Married to Bob Phillips. Trying to keep her marriage, home, and her life together – struggling. Messy, chaotic and bored at home looking for some purpose in her life. Tired through lack of sleep with young baby but attractive when dressed up. Jealous natured and clever enough to work out eventually it’s her husband having the affair. (20’s – 40’s)

Bob Phillips: Married to Teresa Phillips. Having an affair with Fiona Foster, his boss’s wife. Fancies himself as a bit of a player. Has a lot of sexual tension with this wife and their fiery rows. New money 1980’s flash character. (age doesn’t matter but must look convincing as Teresa husband)

William Featherstone: Married to Mary Featherstone. Works for Frank Foster in accounting. Sucks up to Frank Foster. Something of a control freak when it comes to Mary Featherstone, his wife. A bit nerdy but overcompensates for it. (Middle class, late 40-50s)

Mary Featherstone: Married to William Featherstone. Controlled by William Featherstone, her husband. Inhibited. Shy. Very insecure in social situations. Feels completely intimidated by Fiona but at ease with Teresa. (Middle class, 30-50s)

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