Death Trap

26th - 29th October 2022
Ballard School

story by:

Ira Levin

directed by:

David & Ieuan Luker

What's it about?

A hugely popular stage and screen success, this ingeniously constructed play offers a rare and skilful blending of two priceless theatrical ingredients – gasp-inducing thrills and spontaneous laughter. Unknown dramatist Clifford Anderson has sent his new thriller to award-winning Broadway author Sidney for comment – or has he – Without a success to his credit for some years, Sidney plots with his reluctant wife Myra about how best to plagiarize ‘Deathtrap’ and when Clifford turns up to discuss the play with the ‘Master’ events take a sinister turn.
This amateur production is presented by special arrangement from Samuel French Ltd, a Concord Theatricals Company.


Sydney Bruhl – Chris Davis
Myra Bruhl – Coney Bundock
Clifford Anderson – Michael Deacon
Helga Ten Dorp – Victoria Sandford
Porter Milgrim – Paul Skelton

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