A bittersweet adult comedy full of humour and pathos.

30th Oct - 2nd Nov
Ballard School

story by:

Janet Shaw

directed by:

Len Reid

What's it about?

Following the success of his last production (One Day I’ll Fly Away), Director Len Reid has chosen another comedy written by Janet Shaw.

The play is set in 1970 and Kate is about to marry Steven on the romantic Greek island of Xantos.

Their families haven’t met before arriving and when they do meet, the two mothers detest each other on sight, causing a volcanic clash of style and temperament.

The two fathers are also nowhere to be seen.

The bride’s Aunt Issie arrives and skeletons now fall out of the cupboards at an alarming rate.

It’s been twenty five years since World War Two ended, but ghosts from the past reveal a trail of heartbreak and discovery for both the families.

A bittersweet adult comedy full of humour and pathos, which will have you laughing and crying, probably at the same time.

Want to get involved?

On Tuesday 9th July at 7.30 pm in the Ballard School Performing Arts Centre director Len Reid will be holding an audition for his production of Charade by Janet Shaw. Described as an earthy comedy the play is set in a Greek Taverna (accents not required) and has a wide range of parts both small and large across a range of ages. For more details and an early copy of the script please email Len on or call 0793 1414253 The show will run from 30th October to 2nd November 2024 with rehearsals commencing in August.


Maria – 20’s a Greek ‘maid of all work’ at the Taverna

Alex – 20’s a forthright young woman, owner of the Taverna, Felicity’s niece

Nico – 20-40, a Greek friend of Alex’s

Felicity – 50-60, a middle class snob, highly strung, a perfectionist

Justin – 20’s Felicity’s son

Kaitlin (Kate) – 20’s Felicity’s daughter, marrying Steven

Rene – 50-60, a rough diamond, loud and brash, protective of her lifestyle and her children

Pat – 50-60, Rene’s sister, another rough diamond, but not quite so loud

Steven – 25-30, Rene’s son, marrying Kate

Danny – 20-30, Steven’s Best Man

Isobelle (Issie) – 50-60, Felicity’s sister, a mental patient, rather confused but has lucid moments

Richard – 55-65, a bigamist and philanderer, musician, works on cruise ships